Kayaking for a Kause Partners with Jason Papania D.M.D. and South Mississippi Smiles to Provide $8,000 of Dental Treatment to South Mississippi Children in Need

Gulfport, MS – Kayaking for a Kause (K4K) joins forces with Jason Papania D.M.D. and South Mississippi Smiles to fight against tooth decay, the number one chronic disease in children, by recently providing full-mouth restorations to two underprivileged children of South Mississippi, totaling $8,000.

Kayaking for a Kause is a non-profit organization designed to improve the dental health of Mississippi’s youth and reach families with vital indigent cases that have limited access to dental care due to socioeconomic barriers, lack of insurance, or unawareness.

“Dental disease is something that no child should experience, “said Collin Peterson, founder of Kayaking for a Kause. “Due to the inability to afford treatment, these children continue to suffer from severe pain while attending school, and their daily routine becomes a challenge by coping with pain, struggling with confidence and the ability to focus, affecting future growth.”

This year’s K4K recipients were selected based on the severity and urgency for treatment. Under the direction of general dentist, Jason Papania, D.M.D., the services provided include full mouth restorations performed under general anesthesia for both children.

“With the potential of becoming fatal, these children need a helping hand to save them from the dangers of tooth decay,” said Peterson. “It is my commitment to make sure that each child has the opportunity to have a healthy smile.”

Since 2014, K4K has funded treatment for children with severe tooth decay within the counties of Harrison and Hancock with plans to expand to farther counties in need. Proceeds are raised through an annual kayaking event in which kayakers from across the region come together supporting this cause. Proceeds are generated from sponsorships, registration and donations. The contributions from K4K supporters help the foundation move toward achieving the mission of eradicating childhood tooth decay.

Meet Darwin!


Meet Darwin! A South Mississippi child who recently received a 100% funded, full-mouth restoration from Kayaking for a Kause through partnership with Jason Papania, D.M.D. and South Mississippi Smiles. K4K and our supporters strive to bring a healthy smile and brighter future to our youth!

K4K Celebrates Milestone in Funding Dental Treatment to Two South Mississippi Children in Partnership with Jason Papania, D.M.D. and South Mississippi Smiles


Kayaking for a Kause (K4K) celebrates the recent milestone of funding two South Mississippi children in vital need of dental treatment through partnership with Jason Papania, D.M.D. and South Mississippi Smiles.  Kayaking for a Kause would like to thank all supporters, participants and sponsors for impacting a child’s healthy smile and brighter future.  We share this victory together!

A full news release will be available online shortly.  Stay tuned as we update you on the progress of each child’s journey to a healthy smile!